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Mula Digital was founded by Lucas Perraudin who is a thought leader in the commerce and technology sector, he participates to several global think tanks and is a speaker at major global events such as World Retail Congress or CES. Lucas also has a TV editorial on France's BFMTV where he shares with a large public the stakes behind Big Tech news. Over the last 25 years, Lucas held various senior roles in the technology sector. Recently, he led the EMEA Augmented and Virtual Reality business at Meta (aka. Facebook). Previously, he held the role of EMEA Vice President of retail and online at HP Inc.,

Our Mission

"I wanted to create a bridge between on one side the the people who manage P&L, sales, marketing and balance sheets, and on the other side the digital people who create constant disruption in their business model. When you are flowed everyday with information about Metaverse, NFT, Crypto, Live Shopping, social shopping,...whereas you have to deliver profit quarter after quarter it is incredibly hard to see through it and decide what is going to impact your business."

Our aim is to help brands and retailers getting rid of digital FOMO, see through the buzz and the BS in order to understand what digital novelty means to their business and what to do about it. We guide them along the way of transformation to the future of commerce at their speed, in their culture with their operating model in mind.

'Having held leadership responsibilities on both side of the fence, I know how hard it can be to transform an organization, a culture, an operating model and a tech stack! I have witnessed how much fear of failure and lack of knowledge can lead to irrational decisions when it comes to digital driven transformation. We don't want to be another tech start up, we do not sell our own tech, we make people in organizations comfortable and autonomous in making decision when it comes to embracing the digital commerce innovation.' 

Our Team

"I wanted to ask the most talented people I have met to help me build a company that could in turn help leadership teams to lead through digital change and  help their teams to embrace the change. I feel incredibly fortunate that some of the brightest talents I know contribute to our clients journey and that from day one some amazing global brands are trusting us to show them the way to commerce transformation."


For lack of a better comparison we are the Avengers of commerce transformation, adding super powers in business strategy, digital marketing, digital measurement , commerce operations, commerce system architecture, social commerce and digital brand experience management 

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